My Children’s Lit class is over and it went very well. Even a catastrophic grade on my final would leave me sitting with a solid B. On top of that, two awesome things happened at work yesterday, and then a dear friend of mine asked me to stage manage/board op for a comedy running in December. So excited for life!

And here’s a video of Sarah eating her new ferret food out of my hand, which is a first!

Also, it’s payday Friday! 😀

Ferret Blood

I’d just gotten home from my appointment at AABC (at about 5:30) and was busily trying to install our new HDMI switcher box when my vet called. Now as far as I know, all our animals are up to date on everything so I couldn’t imagine what the vet wanted. Read the rest of this entry

A Miscellany of Events

“Miscellany” would make an awesome collective noun. Like a miscellany of Matuszeks, or a miscellany of collective nouns.

I’m pondering going back to school. I doubt I would actually go for more than one class any time soon, as I want to make sure I can actually finish this time. Right now I’m just trying to figure out what I would need to have in order to get back to it. I also need to find out if I could take time off for maternity.

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Eight Too Short Topics

None of these things are really worth devoting an entire post to, but there hasn’t been much earth shattering going on recently.

1. I wonder if I broke a toe. I stubbed my little toe on a brick yesterday, and despite icing it within about 5 minutes, it’s swollen and purple and hard to walk on. I’m pretty sure the only purpose the little toe serves is to remind us all to be glad for modern medicine. You can break just about any other bone in your body, and they can do *something* for you. (Although I hear that taping broken ribs really doesn’t help much). But break a toe and your options are to tape it to the toe next to it, or don’t.

2. Fee has a new collar as well as a microchip! In an effort to distinguish him from those cats whose owners just leave a bowl of food outside, I tried to make it explicit that if you see him you should call me. If he were a teenager he would kill me for this: Read the rest of this entry

Dinner with Sarah

Sarah insists on being around me no matter what I’m doing tonight. In this case, making dinner. It’s adorable but I keep worrying I’m going to step on her tail.


Sorry it’s blurry. Getting a picture of a ferret that isn’t blurry is harder than you might think if you’ve never tried. The ability to hold still is not a defining characteristic of a healthy ferret.

I want a ferretcam

You know, so that I could watch my ferrets be adorable at any time. A few hours a day isn’t enough to fully absorb all the cuteness. I’m watching this one for now.

The Intrepid Explorer Returns

Fee came walking around the corner of the house this morning, totally unfazed and apparently looking for breakfast and a comfy place to curl up for a nap. And now I know what to spend that gift card on. A microchip and collar are coming soon to a cat near you.

Fee is missing

I’m worried sick and can’t sleep. He’s probably okay, and only been gone at most a couple hours. It’s too late to go outside and call for him, although I tried a little bit. I’m trying to remember the last time I saw him. It was a few hours ago, just before we watched the latest Doctor Who. I took the trash out right afterwards, and I definitely haven’t seen him since then.

We got Hermia back when she got out that one time. And Sarah too. And cats are far more resourceful than goofy, innocent little ferrets. But I still feel like I’ve swallowed a mountain, and since I called in sick to work today I don’t know how I could possibly do so again tomorrow.

I can’t do much tonight. I should go to bed so I can get up early to look for him. But I just can’t sleep.



We own ferrets. Ferrets are possibly the most amazing pets ever, if you have enough money and time to keep them healthy. If you don’t, please don’t get a ferret.


I’ll get into the costs of keeping ferrets in another post. But to give you an idea of how much it costs to keep two ferrets, my household averages about $400 a month to keep Sarah and Hermia healthy, happy, and likely to live a good long time. They are relatively healthy ferrets. That’s right. We spend a lot more money on vet bills for healthy ferrets than we do on eating out every single month. So don’t get a ferret on a whim, because they deserve better than the impulsive owner can give.

I’m sure I’ll write scads more about how to keep a ferret and not be a Bad Person later. But this post, I primarily want to introduce my ferret family and talk about our history. And play with embedding videos.

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