None of these things are really worth devoting an entire post to, but there hasn’t been much earth shattering going on recently.

1. I wonder if I broke a toe. I stubbed my little toe on a brick yesterday, and despite icing it within about 5 minutes, it’s swollen and purple and hard to walk on. I’m pretty sure the only purpose the little toe serves is to remind us all to be glad for modern medicine. You can break just about any other bone in your body, and they can do *something* for you. (Although I hear that taping broken ribs really doesn’t help much). But break a toe and your options are to tape it to the toe next to it, or don’t.

2. Fee has a new collar as well as a microchip! In an effort to distinguish him from those cats whose owners just leave a bowl of food outside, I tried to make it explicit that if you see him you should call me. If he were a teenager he would kill me for this:

3. I was reminded today that women who as stressed out as I have been for the last two months usually have trouble getting pregnant. I’m going to try remembering that at work.

4. Mia, bless her sweet little heart, has stolen my keys. My car key was not attached at the time, so I haven’t bothered to pull the TV out from the wall or tip up the couch to look for them yet. Although we are running low on socks; it’s about time to clear out the ferret stashes anyway.

5. So we bought a grill, even though I was supposed to get a microchip for Fee instead! But the microchip turned out to be very inexpensive; enough so that I’ll be getting all the cats one. The grill: I got it online because it was cheaper (with prime shipping from Amazon) than buying it in the store. Plus Home Depot really pissed me off when I tried to buy a grill in the store. It should be here Friday, just in time to play with this weekend!

6. Speaking of grills, I’m having trouble finding summer recipes I want to cook. Casseroles and pot roasts and stews are all winter foods, but they’re what I can do within a reasonable amount of time in the kitchen. I’m open to suggestions either of recipes themselves or of how to search for them online.

7. Vegas! Papa T. and I have decided to take a babymoon (a vacation right before you start trying) and go to Vegas. I’ve never been and we found a good deal, so we’ll be most likely spending a long weekend in the not-too-distant future :).

8. If you’ve read The Name of the Wind you’ll probably be as excited as me that Day 2 has finally arrived! Okay, so it actually came out in March, but I only just noticed. If you haven’t read it, it’s a good fantasy novel and if you like that sort of thing you should. And they’re thick books, so you should read it on your e-reader of choice :).