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I had a dream

Last night I dreamt that I am pregnant. I’m in that two-week period where it’s possible but no test would show as positive yet. I can’t imagine how people used to wonder for months on end, before pregnancy tests were accurate enough to tell at the very first missed period. Anyway, I woke up with a delightful hopefulness. I’m back to normal now, since it would suck to convince myself I am only to find out in another week and a half that I’m not.


My Children’s Lit class is over and it went very well. Even a catastrophic grade on my final would leave me sitting with a solid B. On top of that, two awesome things happened at work yesterday, and then a dear friend of mine asked me to stage manage/board op for a comedy running in December. So excited for life!

And here’s a video of Sarah eating her new ferret food out of my hand, which is a first!

Also, it’s payday Friday! 😀