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April 2016 Quotes

wedding shoes

11:47 AM – 4 Apr 2016 She found my wedding shoes


7:59 AM – 17 Apr 2016 It happened. At least it was chalk!


12:00 PM – 17 Apr 2016 Better.


5:09 PM – 17 Apr 2016 Pro tip for prom worthy hair this season: boogers and popsicles. You’re welcome.


6:25 PM – 18 Apr 2016 It’s raining, it’s pouring


3:43 PM – 25 Apr 2016 Ready to show off her backpack!


3:29 PM – 30 Apr 2016 Taking care of friends’ cats. She fed them and I got them water.

10:22 PM – 1 Apr 2016 “Go away! Go to bed and I stay here with daddy [watching tv]! Just GO to bed without me mommy!

6:08 PM – 4 Apr 2016 *Pointing to someone eating Froot Loops* “She eating g[r]een Cheerios!! Can we get g[r]een ones mommy??”
8:49 PM – 6 Apr 2016 “I want NO [electric toothbrush] buzzing, NO tooth brushing, and NO hair brushing tonight!” And she watched me to see if it would work (no).
8:46 AM – 8 Apr 2016 Jet, in a sad voice: “I can’t fly!” Me: “That’s because you don’t have wings.” Jet: “Noo, you only need a cape to fly!”
7:56 PM – 9 Apr 2016 Jet, to the cat on the counter: “Get down you lazy poopoo Fee!” (FTR, I never call people lazy. I don’t know where she got it. Nor poopoo)
9:01 PM – 9 Apr 2016 Unprompted, she thanked me for snuggles. Then she thanked me for staying home today. *melt*

8:29 AM – 22 Apr 2016 In the last 24 hours I have explained: cemeteries, ultrasounds, and the salient features of the lollipop. I need a manual.
6:46 PM – 22 Apr 2016 “You’re the best mommy in the whole world!”

2:48 PM – 29 Apr 2016 “I need some bread for my butter!”

March 2016 Quotes

– Testing posts to twitter and facebook at the same time. Quotes to follow

7:53 AM – 4 Mar 2016 – A butterfly flaps her wings. Plus bonus ladder.

– Me: Okay, well, let me know how that works out for you, J. … … J: It’s not. It’s not working out, mommy.
– Jet: I want a pet! Me: We have 4 cats! Jet: I don’t like cats. They too scratchy. I want a doggie and chicks and baby spiders!
– Jet: Peas I have a balella day? Me: A… A.. Brother? Jet: Noo. A BALELLA. It waining! I pobby have a balella at school?

7:27 PM – 9 Mar 2016 – Spinning in her “face tent”

– Me: Please don’t eat stickers. Jet: I just feeling them with my mouth!
Jet, as I’m carrying her in to daycare: You pobby be careful mommy! It really really wet! I no want you to slip! [pobby = should]

3:56 PM – 11 Mar 2016 – Hair

7:24 AM – 12 Mar 2016 – A rainbow!

– “Twinkle twinkle twilight sparkle, twinkle twinkle wh’ever you are”
– Jet: See my owie, mommy? [lifting her bandaid] Me: Wow, that’s a big one! Jet: Thanks!
– Jet, as I attempt to wipe her nose: Noooo! I want my boogers IN my nose!

10:10 AM – 16 Mar 2016 – Candy free Easter basket! (Except I’ll be adding a chocolate bunny to the left side)

10:00 AM – 17 Mar 2016 – Grandma and Grandpa brought Easter gifts!

9:55 AM – 18 Mar 2016 – “I not have time for a picture, mommy. I vewy vewy busy wight now!”

– Jet: You pretend to be my mommy! Me: I *am* your mommy! Jet: Noo! You just a daddy!
– To a doll: Shh, shh baby Dani. Don’t cry. Don’t be scared of the storm. I protect you baby Dani. I promise. It okay, I protect you, I here.
– Jet: “I’m pushing on the wall!” Me: “How is that going?” Jet: [gestures at the corner] “It’s stuck to the other wall, at the ceiling.”


Even Fewer Posts

The last month, and for the next month, the time I usually try to spend blogging I’ll be spending assembling the latest coffee table book. Hooray?