My leg is finally better. Or more accurately, the open wound has closed. This means I can safely go back to the gym without risking another round of cellulitis, yay! So I’ve started that back up again, and it’s definitely making a difference in my anxiety levels.

The flooring has also arrived. All 2900 pounds of it. At first I thought they delivered the wrong thing, because the delivery truck left a few loose boards in our driveway. The boards they left look like a cheap material, and the wrong color, and glue-down instead of click-lock installation. F and I were both really upset because the delivery truck had left before we realized it. But as I kept looking at all these boxes, I kept noticing that they all said, “UNICLIC” on them. I know uniclic is a kind of click-lock system, so it kept irking me. Finally, I decided to check the boxes. At the very bottom of the pile was the one damaged box that we had assumed the boards we had sitting around had come from. So I moved a whole bunch of boxes out of the way (at 70lb each, whew!) to get to that damaged box, then piled them all back together and actually opened that box. The wood inside was not only completely undamaged, it was the right thing! Hooray! Crisis averted! Much celebration and relief! Also, it is every bit as gorgeous as the sample I had. I’m so thrilled. I can’t wait to see it in the house. I’m sure it will completely transform our space, and in a good way. The storage pod has also arrived, and we’re doing our best to get stuff into it. But moving out of your house without anywhere to move in to is definitely stressful! Especially since I don’t have any time to take a day off from work, so all our preparation has to be done after J goes to bed.

J continues to be amazing. We’re starting to really struggle with her food intake, and trying hard not to show her we’re struggling. All she wants to eat is Parmesan cheese and non-dairy creamer. Because that totally makes sense. We’re currently allowing her to eat Parmesan cheese, but she has to at least try each food we are having for dinner. In most cases, this means lick each food and then declare she doesn’t like it. It bothers F more than me. I figure she’s still eating fine at school, she’s still nursing to some extent, she’s obviously not starving. He’s worried about how it will look if people see how little she eats for dinners, and he and I disagree on how much to prompt her to eat. I’m sure that this, too, shall pass. In the mean time, we’re trying a variety of ways to handle it.

It’s basically time to start either listing the amazing/adorable things she has said every day, or to stop commenting on it all entirely. There’s so much! Every night she’s saying more and more and showing us just how absolutely brilliant kids are. I keep seeing all these studies that show kids as being intelligent and capable of complex reasoning and thought long before we previously assumed, and it baffles me. All I have to do is look at her and it’s obvious. And I don’t mean because I have the smartest kid in town. I just mean that kids seem so smart, I don’t understand why these study results are a surprise.

Okay now I feel all weird and braggy. Plus I promised I would get the baseboards painted before I went to bed.