Well, the answer to that is apparently, “me.” Because I was really excited to upload the ultrasound pictures I got earlier this week, but I was not given any digital media. So I have this oddly shaped piece of slippery paper and no way to convert it to something I can post. Well, I suppose I could take a picture of it with a digital camera/phone but that seems so inferior! I tried anyway, but the same thing that make the paper slippery make it too shiny for a decent picture. So it looks like I’ll have to dig up a scanner somewhere if I want to share my ultrasound pictures. Which, I’ll be honest, don’t look much like a baby yet. It’s much more interesting when it’s live and you can see the heart beating (we got to listen to it, and see it’s little rhythm on the screen! It looks… like a heartbeat). Which is craaaayzee to me, still. I’m growing a little human! Inside me! Weird!

I’ll see if I can find a scanner some time this weekend at home or next week at work.