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Milestone Tuesday: 66 weeks

We were out of town for the 65 week update, so I didn’t. Not much to report anyway. Lots of continual learning and imitation.

Two big things to report this week. First, J started in the toddler room yesterday! It was a little bit of a rough start, but that is probably also in part because we just got back from vacation. She was very excited to be at school but then seemed a little concerned when I opened the door to the Owls room instead of the Frogs room. I was able to get her settled down to a little breakfast pretty quickly though. When I picked her up in the afternoon she was a bit fussy, but she had taken a 1 hour nap before one of the other babies woke her up. It was pretty clear she would have kept sleeping otherwise.

The other big thing is that she had her 15 month well baby checkup today! She’s hitting all expected milestones. Her verbal communication is lagging slightly, but the doctor said that’s very common with babies who can sign, since they can already communicate many of their wants and needs. She also got her vaccinations, which was pretty miserable there. I hate holding her down for those, but at least her doctor’s nurse is very fast. Even though I accidentally let go of J’s hand (which I was supposed to be holding out of the way), she had all three shots in before J took in her big breath for a full on scream (shot, pause, beginning of initial wail, request to hold her hand, shot, shot, end of initial wail, big breath, SCREAM). Her vitals are looking good too. She has definitely slowed down her explosive growth, but is still following the top of the curves.

head circumference: 48cm/18.9in (95th percentile)
weight: 31lb 2oz (100th percentile/off chart)
height: 32.5in (96th percentile)

Some adjectives at 15 months

Indomitable. Adorable. Independent. Curious. Bold. Adventurous. Fearless. Beautiful. Happy. Gregarious. Relentless. Brilliant. Exasperating. Observant. Sweet. Persistent. Loving. Exploring. Boundary pushing. TODDLER.

edit: I forgot inexplicable.

Woo hooo!

This is my last pumping session for 12 days! Vacation in more than one way!

Milestone Tuesday: 64 Weeks

I missed last week. We put Hermia the ferret down, and I didn’t have the heart to write. I am still grieving her, but it has been easier than other pets. We are both at peace with deciding to help her find her way to her next adventure. She was old beyond old, and her eyes and ears hadn’t worked in a long time. She was having trouble eating and she could barely walk, frequently not walk at all. It was time. But I was still so heartsick that day. She was an amazing ferret, so full of spunk and fire.

Anyway. The last few weeks have been full of change. J is doing so many new things so quickly, I can’t even keep track anymore. I’ll literally do something once, and she’ll do it without prompting. I went “vroom vroom” as I drove a toy car around while we played. She picked up a nearby car and did her best “vroom vroom” too while she drove it around. And the next time she saw a toy car, 3 days later, she did it again.

Then there are the things I don’t even KNOW how she learned. The other day she grabbed the toilet paper off the holder (which she’s done before). But instead of biting it like she usually does, she ripped off a couple pieces and wiped herself with it (well, she was wearing a diaper, but she wiped in the correct general viscinity)! Then she put it in the toilet, closed the lid, and tried to flush!? WHERE DID SHE LEARN THIS? I mean, yes, that’s how I go to the bathroom. I close the lid so that she can’t reach in after I’m done. But I never ever really “showed” her this!

Then there are things that make sense that she would do, but that she clearly has decided to do because they are just similar to other things she’s done. So the other day we were in CVS, and I was waiting for a medication refill. I’d grabbed a toy for her to play with and she was standing/sitting there happily playing with it, right next to the magazine rack that’s in the little waiting area. Suddenly she abandons her toy, gets up, toddles over to the chairs people wait in, and pulls out a magazine from under the chair. Does she rip it? No. Does she try to read it like a book? No. I’ll be damned if she didn’t take it over to the magazine rack and try to put it with the rest of the magazines! I mean, she loves to help clean up, and will go find more of whatever is being picked up at the time. “Are we picking up blocks? I saw one in the kitchen!” and off she goes to bring you a block from the kitchen. But she clearly saw the magazine rack and decided that it’s where magazines go. So when she saw a magazine, she put it there!

Look, I know that little kids are basically just people who haven’t yet learned about the world. But it’s still so weird and amazing to watch them as they figure it all out. It blows my mind.

Oh, speaking of diapers (you know, a few paragraphs ago) I think we might be getting ready to start toilet learning. Not training yet, but at least getting comfortable sitting on the toilet. The other day she was hanging out with dad and she pooped. She immediately went to where we keep the diapers, and brought him one. She doesn’t chew on wipes anymore but instead tries to wipe herself, and, as I mentioned, does the same with toilet paper. When we get back from vacation, I’m buying a baby potty.

Teeth 10 and 11 are coming in. Upper first molars, left and right. Lots of pain and lots of comfort nursing. And lots of chewing on pens/toothbrushes/anything with a rubbery bit.

Oh, and two new words! “Daddy” (which is still basically indistinguishable from her default syllable of “da!” but clearly she is referring to him) and “Uh-oh” which is exactly what it sounds like.

Lunch hour is over.