My Favorite Books

I am, in my soul, a reader.

I grew up in a house full of love and books, and everyone I meet falls into one of two categories. They either Don’t Get It, or they Do. This is true for both love and for books, and often (though not always) both at the same time. Today, I have been thinking about books. The house I grew up in is full to bursting with books. (aside: In my experience, the love of a family such as mine cannot burst, but books are still physical things and even libraries run out of space. But love is for another post.) There are books in shelves, on dressers, stacked in the hallway. They are organized by subject, by author, by preference. Every bedroom and every common area has at least one bookshelf. Every transitionary space has books waiting to find a bookshelf. My nephew, perhaps both my nephews by now, has been holding books upside-down and backwards since long before he could read, in that ever-present human mimicry that spawned the phrase, “Monkey see, monkey do.” Read the rest of this entry

Midnight Pronouncements

While sound asleep, Papa T. just announced, “You so craaazy!”

Boo TWC!

I pay an extra $30 per month for this…

— ping statistics —
714 packets transmitted, 391 packets received, 45.2% packet loss
round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 31.228/49.364/129.503/18.189 ms

Meatfull Manicotti

I make meatless manicotti at least once a month; it’s one of my favorite recipes. I think this week I might try my hand at some meatfull manicotti and see if it can live up to the spinach-y deliciousness of the meatless version. In the cochles (cockles?) of my heart lives doubt.

Birthplace Worries

I had another meeting with our HR representative this week. It looks like getting my birth center covered by insurance isn’t likely to happen. That leaves two alternatives. The first is moving forward with a birth that’s not covered (at least not in network). The second is to choose a hospital birth through a covered OB/Gyn. Read the rest of this entry

Too much working

I spend too much time working or thinking about work. I haven’t really done anything else since I last posted. I wonder if I should rethink posting about work, or if I should maybe try posting more little things as I think them or they happen.

Well, off to work 😉

Eight Too Short Topics

None of these things are really worth devoting an entire post to, but there hasn’t been much earth shattering going on recently.

1. I wonder if I broke a toe. I stubbed my little toe on a brick yesterday, and despite icing it within about 5 minutes, it’s swollen and purple and hard to walk on. I’m pretty sure the only purpose the little toe serves is to remind us all to be glad for modern medicine. You can break just about any other bone in your body, and they can do *something* for you. (Although I hear that taping broken ribs really doesn’t help much). But break a toe and your options are to tape it to the toe next to it, or don’t.

2. Fee has a new collar as well as a microchip! In an effort to distinguish him from those cats whose owners just leave a bowl of food outside, I tried to make it explicit that if you see him you should call me. If he were a teenager he would kill me for this: Read the rest of this entry

Testing an app

Testing out writing from an app. Excitement at its best, to be sure!

But can I add this adorable picture?



Dinner with Sarah

Sarah insists on being around me no matter what I’m doing tonight. In this case, making dinner. It’s adorable but I keep worrying I’m going to step on her tail.


Sorry it’s blurry. Getting a picture of a ferret that isn’t blurry is harder than you might think if you’ve never tried. The ability to hold still is not a defining characteristic of a healthy ferret.

I want a ferretcam

You know, so that I could watch my ferrets be adorable at any time. A few hours a day isn’t enough to fully absorb all the cuteness. I’m watching this one for now.

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