So, about 2 months ago, I quit my highly stressful, highly social, cube farm job and got a job at a university, where I have my own office and responsibilities that last for months rather than minutes or at most days. I’m way less stressed, but a little more lonely. At my new job, my department is split across something like 6 buildings while our new building is being built. It should be done by December. In the mean time, I am spending a fair amount of time in the basement of the engineering building, which is apparently very old. And full of things that were too expensive or cumbersome to throw away. I am also occasionally in the chemistry building, which has the same issues. So today I’ve decided to begin a new series: Weird Shit I Found At Work. I’m going to start slow with a picture of an old water fountain:

It's probably safe. Probably

This thing still dispenses clear liquid. I am not sure if you could pay me enough to drink it, although I saw a guy filling his water bottle at it. I think it looks like a baby urinal.