Meatfull Manicotti

I make meatless manicotti at least once a month; it’s one of my favorite recipes. I think this week I might try my hand at some meatfull manicotti and see if it can live up to the spinach-y deliciousness of the meatless version. In the cochles (cockles?) of my heart lives doubt.

My Korma Ran Over Your Dogma

There’s this Indian restaurant that delivers to our house. If it didn’t cost a bajillionty dollars to order from them, I’d probably eat Indian food every night. But it does, and also their food (like most restaurants’) is very high in sodium and fat. As part of my ongoing attempt to reproduce ethnic foods at home, I tried to make korma the other night. Afterwards, I looked up what korma actually is. It is not the same thing as the thing I made. But what I made was tasty and healthful, so I’m going to be making it again. And I’m not going to call it, “That stuff that I made that shared nothing with real Korma except the name and a couple spices.” So, yes, I know I’m not actually providing you with an authentic Korma recipe. I’m calling it Korma anyway.

Here’s what you’ll need:

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