J has now started her Super Waterbabies class. This means that we no longer get in the water with her. I miss it! Her new teacher is male, and we’ve been struggling with it a bit. The first day, I got in the water but mostly handed her off to him a lot. When she wasn’t with him, she was mostly burying her face in my shoulder, but her love of swimming soon started to win. By the end of the class, she was smiling a little, and willing to give Mr. Thomas a high-five. The second class, I didn’t get in the water but I sat next to her along the edge of the pool. She was still hesitant, but it wasn’t too bad. So far, we haven’t had to deal with her just jumping in and assuming someone will get her, although she did accidentally fall in once last weekend. I was there before her teacher, but only by maybe half a second.

I also think the last of her molars have started moving around. Lots of cheek grabbing, complaining about pain in her mouth, and chewing on things. I’d worry it was a cavity except it’s clearly both sides and in the back, past her teeth.

I turned her car seat around. We have a Diono Pacifica in my car and the thing is just too damn big and wobbly to get secured rear-facing in my car. I wish I could keep her rear facing longer. When I stop suddenly with her in the car (which I’ve had to do a couple times, thanks Austin traffic patterns), she complains that it hurts her neck. It worries me to have her forward facing, but it worried me more to have her rear facing in that seat, which would often tip over. Anyway. She’s forward facing now, and enjoys seeing so much more. She has learned that green lights mean go and red lights mean stop. She will exclaim, “I see reh! Wahn, doo reh! TOP mama! Top!” and then when the light turns green she shouts, “DOH DOH DOH!” This morning, as I was driving her to school, I took a different route than normal and was stopped at a red light in a left turn lane. I got a green turn arrow but the rest of the lights were still red and J was very very mad at me. “NO!!!! MAMA!! REH TOP! TOP TOP!!!!!” I explained about the green arrow, but since we’d already passed under it, she couldn’t see it. When I glanced back in the mirror at her face I can only describe her expression as skeptical.

She has definitely chosen a favorite color, even though I have tried hard not to ask her about what her favorite colors/foods/etc are. It’s purple. She wants a purple house, and to drive a purple car, and sometimes a purple bus. She gets excited when she sees a purple semi (“BIHHH tuck!”) and whenever I give her the option of what color of something to get, she chooses purple. Her Nana surely approves!