Rough week. Rough, rough week. She moved up to Dino Buddies. It’s not going well.

On Friday (her first day) she cried. All. Day. Long. Her face was swollen when I picked her up. On the way home, she bit herself so hard that there were still marks all over her arms and hands four days later.

On Monday she cried. All. Day. Long. She also begged me not to bring her to “Dino Buh-yee” while I drove her in. When we got home, she was still so upset we couldn’t get her to take a bath. She had what I can only assume were nightmares. Crying in her sleep, saying, “no” repeatedly.

On Tuesday she cried. All morning, and then on and off all afternoon. At home, we still couldn’t get her to take a bath. She just wanted to be held and cuddled and snuggled. That night, she had more nightmares.

On Wednesday she cried. All morning. She was better in the afternoon. Still no bath, and no good naps though. By this point she’s looking pretty ragged around the edges, and I’m pretty much going insane. I feel like a caged animal. I know there’s nothing I can do, I know there’s no way to “save” her from this. She’s safe, we’ve made the transition as slowly as we could. She’s just lonely and confused and deep in the throes of being a toddler whose routine is FUBAR.

On Thursday she cried. Most of the morning. Fortunately not all of it. She had a pretty good day, and a good nap. Improvement, finally! Dad went out of town Thursday afternoon before we got home, so we had a good night just the two of us. A bath (boy I gotta say, happy toddlers definitely smell better). A good night’s sleep.

Today is Friday. She cried. She was begging not to go to “Dino Buh-yee” again. When we got there, she was so upset she actually tried to nurse in the classroom. Because I’ve never been totally comfortable nursing in public, she pretty much knows that we don’t. For her to have been having a meltdown so extreme that she wanted to nurse was.. well, let’s just say I’m out of the still-nursing-closet with CeCe, one of her new teachers. When I left, she screamed and screamed. I had to leave but oh, how it hurt. It was a splash day at school, where the kids get so wet that parents are supposed to bring a towel and a change of clothes, so her morning got off to a very happy start. She stopped crying after breakfast and didn’t cry the rest of the day. Hopefully Monday will be just as good? We’ll see.

Tonight Nana and “Gah-puh” get into town, so we should have a fun filled weekend!