What a month we’ve had! I’m ready for it to be over. J has been out of daycare for the last week and change due to the mildest case of diarrhea ever to be called diarrhea. The first couple days it was pretty bad, but she’s been basically just barely sick enough to be sent home from daycare repeatedly. Every time we bring her back, 30 minutes to an hour later they call me to come get her again. Dad and I have both used up all of our sick and vacation time, and the last couple days we’ve been hiring nannies from a local service that will send you someone with just a couple hours notice.

The first nanny we got was, I hope, the worst we’ll ever have. She was right on the edge of being so bad as to be unsafe. She didn’t change J’s diaper, she didn’t pay attention to her, she didn’t bring water when they went outside in the Texas heat, etc. She was terrible. J cried the whole day. But that’s over, and the second and third nannies we have gotten have been simply wonderful. I worked from home today and I actually had to close the door because J was having so much fun that her laughter was distracting. Also, when the nanny took her to the park, J was so excited that she barely even said goodbye to me. I love having this kind of problem!

Recently J has figured out animal sounds! One day she thought all animals went, “moo!” and the next she knew a bunch of different animals! Her current repertoire is:

– Cow: “Mmmm!”

– Kitty cat: “Mwah!”

– Snake: “Ssss!”

– Monkey: “Ah! Eeh!”

– Doggie: “Ah! Eeh!” (she’s still working on that)

– Duck: “Wah!”

– Sheep: “Baa! a! a!”

– Elephant: “Fffff!” (she can’t make the noise like Daddy does. Neither can I)

– Lion: “Rah!”

She also must have hit a growth spurt, because despite losing a pound in a week while she was sick (a pound she has since gained back, I might add) she has almost outgrown her 24m stuff. She has such a long torso! Her sleepers don’t fit anymore. 3T sleepers and 4T pajamas are fitting with room to grow. Only a few of her short sleeved shirts still fit her, but I bought some clothing lots on eBay and they should be here soon. They’re mostly fall clothes, so I hope the weather hurries up and catches up with me.

There’s more, but I’m out of time to remember.