Recently she’s been trying to take off her diaper, and as soon as she gets it off, peeing on the floor. She’s also had dry overnight diapers for 3 nights in a row now. So, I bought her a practice potty. This morning we woke up, and I took her into the bathroom and helped her get up on the potty (which she is excited by). She sat there for a minute, then stood up, then sat back down. Then started dropping my phone into the potty, so I took it and put it outside the bathroom. Then she peed a little bit on the floor and so I told her that potties are for peepee, and put her on the potty. She sat there a minute and then got up, then sat down by herself and peed! I helped her tear off some toilet paper. She wiped her shin with it. But hey! She peed in a potty!