– Learning how to use a water fountain. She is figuring out how to drink in a variety of ways, from cups to baths (yuck!) to water fountains.

– new word: bye bye! She will say bye bye to her toys when she puts them down, to people when they leave, or it seems like whenever she’s leaving something behind. This includes when she is done with her food. She will throw it on the floor and shout, “bye! Bye bye bye!” As if she could banish it.

– Her teachers have started calling her their classroom greeter. Anyone that walks into the room is greeted with a cheery, “Hi!” And seen off with a, “Bye bye!” And a grin.

– I have volunteered to be a classroom parent. It’s intimidating but if I want to get involved with her schooling I might as well do it now.

– She has started giving the best hugs. She will wrap her arms around your neck as only a child can do, and lean her cheek against your shoulder or cheek. It melts my heart every time.

– She now insists on walking out of school by herself. I let her walk to the door, but still insist on carrying her to the car.

– tooth number 7 arrived this morning, and it was a rough one. Lower left lateral incisor.

– Gentle touch: she definitely knows what gentle is. If she’s patting you and getting too rough, you can tell her to be gentle and she’ll immediately start stroking instead of patting, then resume her patting with less vigor. She usually gets excited again pretty quickly and you have to tell her to be gentle again but it’s not too bad.

– this one is all mine: I’ve finally gotten back to the gym! I went yesterday and it felt great. I’m looking forward to having regular exercise again that isn’t chasing her around.

Writing these updates on my phone is hard. I left my iPad at work.