Sorry I missed last week. Lots is happening!

– Running. She can now run (sorta). She only gets a few steps before her legs don’t move fast enough and she faceplants, but it almost never matters to her. She gets right up and starts running again!

– Her “baby.” At school, every baby has their own doll, which they call their “babies.” J will go and pick up her baby, rock it, sing to it, and then lay it face down on the ground and start patting it on the back. That’s how they put her down for naptime. Now, if you tell her to find her baby and say night night, that’s what she’ll do. She loves it.

– Climbing. She loves to climb everything, anything! The sofa, the chair, mom, dad, into the tub, up on to the table, anything she can! It seems like every week we have to watch her more closely instead of less.

– Gentle touch. She’s gotten very good at being gentle. She almost never grabs the cats fur or ears. When they let her, she will pat them gently and try to give them a hug. She tried to pick up Chen once, which didn’t work so well, but no one was hurt.

– Argh there’s so much more! It’s time for me to start keeping a list.