Okay, so I keep missing Milestone Monday, and I only chose it for its alliterative properties. Since J was born on a Tuesday, that means I’m always a day shy of the next week. So I missed it, so I’ve decided to start writing updates on Tuesdays, which are the day she was born anyway. So here we are at 56 weeks, which would have been 55 weeks yesterday. Whee!

– She’s started trying to use objects the way they were intended. She will hold a phone up to her face and say, “Hi!” She will hold a sock up to her foot and look at me as if to say, “like this, mom?” She will try to put hats on her head and my sunglasses on her face.

– Her cousins came to town for a few days. J was a big fan. I think it was Jim Gaffigan that said cousins are like celebrities for kids. All the cousins seemed to like each other. We took J to the Thinkery, to the nearby city pool, and to a couple restaurants. It took 4 days of screwed up nap/sleep/eating/nursing schedules before J started to get too fussy

– She fell asleep in the car without screaming! That’s an awesome first.

– I think it’s because of the biggest change: We’ve stopped cosleeping. It’s been hard on me in some ways, easy in others. She’s not waking up more at night, but I sure am. Last night, I only got 2 hours of sleep. So we still have to work that out, but she’s doing pretty well in the crib. She is waking up about 2-4 times a night, usually only for about 10-15 minutes except for one big one that lasts about 30-50 minutes. Otherwise she’s sleeping from 7:30-8pm until 6-8am. It’s a little unclear, since I started this a week ago today but her schedule started getting weird from the cousins’ visit on Thursday.