Well, it didn’t so much work to stop doing “milestone” posts and just doing regular posts. Although last Monday was particularly rough. J was going through a very difficult phase of not sleeping, and I wasn’t getting any sleep or time to myself. I was overwhelmed and had no time in the evening to post. I actually ended up taking her to the doctor because the daycare was concerned about how fussy she was being.

Anyway! This week is going much better. She magically stopped being fussy and hard to put to bed just as suddenly as she started.

Recent things:

– She hugged Fee! He wasn’t very happy about it but she was very gentle (and VERY excited) about it

– Attempting to put on socks. She will take a sock and hold it on to her foot. She hasn’t figured out how to put her foot inside the sock, but she definitely knows where it goes.

– Signing is getting clearer.. “more” looks more like itself and “all done” is definitely getting clearer. I think she wants to know way more signs than I know because she will point to things in her book and then look at me and seem frustrated with me saying the word. I feel the urge to sign it for her too. Every time she sees milk in one of her books she signs it to me.

– Walking backwards. Happening early!

– Turning lights on and off. If you hold her up to a light switch, she’ll turn it off and on! It’s a small thing, I know. But exciting for me. It’s amazing to me that you only need to show her something like that, a simple digital manipulation task, a few times and then she’s got it figured out! I think I turned the light on and off twice before she reached out and did it.

– Using utensils. She can frequently get food from a spoon to her mouth, and has the idea of dipping the spoon into food. She gets really excited for forks and always wants to play with mine. The other night we had sushi (she had a california roll) and she was fascinated by my chopsticks. She kept picking up a piece of rice and trying to stick it to the end of the chopstick, then putting the chopstick in her mouth. She will also consolidate foods on to a plate, if you give her a plate and a bunch of food next to it.

– Disappearing baby! She’s gotten good enough at moving that this has happened once to me and once to F: We have looked away for a second and she has disappeared! In my case, she had wandered from the dining room into the kitchen. Poor F looked away for about 10 seconds and then couldn’t find her anywhere… she had made it all the way to the master bathroom!