– A big one! We have walking! She’s still prone to falling but she can consistently walk 5-15 feet! With a giant proud look on her face the whole time.

– standing up by herself. She no longer needs to pull up on something. Combined with walking this is powerful indeed.

– kissing! Oh my god it’s so cute. If you make kissing noises at her she will make them back. So far it’s totally her cutest skill

– she also makes other noises to communicate. She will smack her lips when she’s hungry or when she likes a food. I’m pretty sure she says, “na na na” whe she wants to nurse.

This isn’t really a new thing but for the last week she’s been having middle of the night wake ups that last about 2-3 hours. Dad has been really good about sharing that time watching her but it’s still tiring.

There was something else but I forgot it. Sigh.