It’s been a crazy, crazy week. We are still reeling from last week’s seizure. Here’s a brief rundown of the medical issues we had this week, all of which were new and most of which were terrifying.

So last Monday was the seizure. Tuesday she was refusing all food and drink except nursing. We both stayed home with her.

Wednesday her fever was down. I worked from home and nursed as needed, while dad watched her the rest of the time. She was still refusing food and had started refusing to nurse on one side so we took her to the doctor for a followup. The doctor checked her out and noticed a slight ear infection on the side she wouldn’t nurse on. We got her started on amoxicillin :(.

Thursday she went to daycare. They called me around 10:30am in a panic because she had a nosebleed. Both “pouring” and “gushing” were used to describe it. I took her to the doctor again, who said it was a normal nosebleed and gave me a printout for the daycare on seizures and one on how to stop nosebleeds.

Friday she was off for Good Friday, and Dad had already scheduled time with the babysitter, but he worked from home as well so she had lots of care. She developed a bad case of diarrhea from the antibiotics, and a terrible diaper rash from the diarrhea (we assume). Then Friday night, right at bedtime, she slipped and hit her head very badly. She got a huge egg! We called the nurse line to see if we could just let her go to bed or whether we would need to bring her in yet again. Thankfully, they didn’t seem to think that she had a concussion.

So that was this week. New things:

– First ear infection
– First nosebleed
– First bout of antibiotics
– First severe diaper rash
– First case of diarrhea
– First bad crack on the head

More fun new things!

– Tooth #5 popped through on Wednesday! Upper right lateral incisor. The left one will be here any day.

– Dancing! She dances when you sing a song she likes, or one is on the stereo! Oh man it’s cute. I need to get a video.

I think that’s all. Like it’s not enough!