Just one or two things this week, but they’re big ones! Walking is still underway.. It’s a slower process than i thought. But there’s plenty else:

– Social smiling! Smile at her and often you’ll get either a squinty eyed grin in return, or the open mouthed giant excited smile that I never realized I greeted her with until she started doing it back.

– social lots of other imitations, too. Blow raspberries, wave, clap, and she’ll often repeat the gesture back and forth with you. Stick out your tongue and you’re guaranteed at least a couple minutes of her sticking hers out repeatedly until she gets distracted by trying to grab it (which she can’t, because it’s a tongue, and they’re slippery devils).

– speaking of hands in mouths, she’s doing something less fun: frequently sticking her hand in her mouth until she gags and eventually throws up. Where she once was getting multiple outfits per day due to diaper blowouts, it’s now due to vomit :(. The doctor thinks it’s her molars, which she’s trying to reach. As long as she’s getting enough to eat, and otherwise seems fine, no big deal. I bought her some new teethers that are easy to get to her molars.

– current favorite toy: any ball, any ball dispenser.

– current favorite food: avocado all the way.

– currently dislikes: strange men with beards, diaper changes.