I think we’re about to see another spurt of advancement. New things in this post might not all be new this week, but are things I’ve definitely noticed.

– she clearly now has expectations about the world and is surprised and curious when reality doesn’t match what she expects. I can’t remember any specific examples just now.

– peek-a-boo! She’s definitely playing by herself. We have a book called, ” Where is Baby’s Bellybutton” that’s basically a bunch of peek a boo with paper flaps. It’s always good for a smile. So is peek a boo with Paul in Pat The Bunny.

– speaking of Pat the Bunny, I think it’s her favorite book right now. She loves to pat the bunny and play peek a boo, and on the page where you smell the flowers she’ll grab the book and hold it up to her face. She then tastes the flowers, but oh well. She doesn’t like daddy’s scratchy beard, so whe real Daddy is around, we rub his face instead :).

– so talkative! Still no definite first words, but there are patterns. When she’s concentrating on getting somewhere or something she whispers, “Tah tah tah t t t teh teh tah” and when she’s clambering on me she will often say “Na na na” which is a phrase we otherwise barely hear. Lots of da da da still, and a new one that is almost a giggle: “heh! Heh! Heh!” When she’s really excited about something she’s doing. Clearly proud of herself sometimes. Still no sign language.

– I mentioned last week that she’s done with bottles, right? Because she’s done with bottles and sippy cups. She knows how to use a straw and definitely prefers it.

Ok I think that’s it for this week.