It’s been a long week, tough for everyone, it seems.

– first case of conjunctivitis. She hates the eye ointment that I have to smear into her eyes 3 times a day. Well actually, what she hates is being immobilized so I can. Once we let her go she stops complaining.

– first tooth!! Hooray! I’ve been waiting a long time for that cute (sharp!) little nubbin! Lower right incisor.

– first time mom was late to pick her up :(. I was about 45 minutes late. The two of us were way more upset than the guide who stayed late to watch her. (I locked my keys in my car. Sigh)

– and another big one! First time pulling herself to standing and then letting go with first one, then both hands! Of course she falls almost immediately, but she does let go! She will also walk if a person is holding her hands and calling, “step! Step!” Like it’s the step-step game. She loves it.

– first real laugh! It was small, no more than a “heh! Heh! Hehe!” But it was there nonetheless. I about melted. At the time I was playing “kiss monster” which is a game where I basically just kiss her over and over, all over, exclaiming, “kiss monster!!” Many of the little games I play with her are kind of weird sounding when I try to describe them. Kiss monster indeed :p