We’re deep into teething the last few days, and J has been having some very rough nights. We have been giving her a half dose of Tylenol and letting her chew on ice chips in a little mesh bag. Most of her new developments are around crawling.

– She can now move both knees and lift her hand and then put it in front of her, but she topples at that point. She usually army crawls to her goal after that.

– She can push herself from her belly into a sitting position.

– First trip to the grocery store. She was fantastic, and didn’t even fuss at them when two strangers got right up in her face to admire her.

– I’m less proud of this, but I had my very first moment of frustration with her. It was mild. She was fussing and wiggling and my nipples were hurting and I knew she was tired and hungry and that her gums/jaws were really bothering her. I also knew that what she needed to do was nurse and the Tylenol would take effect soon and she could sleep. I said, “Oh sweetie, just go to sleep!” Like I said, it was mild. But since this is a post about firsts this week, I thought I’d mention it.

– Volume. She’s been playing a lot with being loud and soft. Mostly loud.

As usual, there’s something else I wanted to mention but have forgotten.

– Edit: Oh! I remembered one! She’s started flapping her arms when she gets excited. She’ll stick them up in the air like she’s going, “Look what I did!” and then flap them both down hard. Then up and down and up and down! We’ve started saying “Tah dah!” when she hold them up and, “Tah dum!” when she slaps down.