– First Thanksgiving! She got to try turkey and pumpkin soup. The turkey turned into a utensil for eating more soup.

– 6 month checkup. This included 5 shots (poor girl, she took it like a champ)which gave her a fever of 103.2. Fortunately she is now old enough to take ibuprofen, and even though she hates it it’s quite effective.

– 6mo stats:

head circumference 43.7cm (85th percentile)
Weight: 20lb 4 oz (97th percentile)
Length: 29″ (off the charts!)

Since her current car seat is only good through 30″ and we will need one she can fly in come Christmas, I bought the next car seat. We got a Radian R120 which, while neither cheap nor lightweight, is our best bet for keeping her rear facing for as long as we can. And with a 10 year expiration and forward facing up to 120lb, it will hopefully be the last car seat we buy.

– Consonants are now part of her babbling. Her favorite so far is the t sound (“ah-TAH! TAH! Ah-TAH!”) but “mm” and “b” and the gurgling “ch” sound of Southern German are also popular. The chchch sound especially, when she’s excited or happy.

– A sad one for mom: today she drank 20oz of milk at school, which exceeds the amount I’ve been pumping recently. Tomorrow will be the first day we have to send her in with milk from our stash because I didn’t produce enough. I am trying very hard to be ok with this. There’s lots of milk in the freezer and I can pump 20oz maybe 2/5 of the time, so it’s not a drastic difference. But after 6 months of stressing about whether I have enough milk, it’s hard to be presented with evidence that I might be coming up short after all my struggles.

– This last one might not be anything yet. She’s been very fussy (for her) since her appointment last Weds. I think the first couple days were from the shots,but now I’m pretty sure we are seeing acute teething! Only time will tell. She might just be feeling fussy because she’s so close to crawling but isn’t yet.

– oh! I almost forgot! She’s now pushing up from her tummy to her hands and knees, and rocking forward and backwards like she knows she’s onto something but isn’t quite sure what to do next.