– Crawling is just around the corner. During tummy time she will reach for thing she wants and kick her legs a lot. If she were on a more slippery surface I think she’s be able to move. She tries very hard

– First bath in the sink, and also first bath in the tub! Sink bath was frustrating because I forgot to clear off the counters first (grab ALL the things!). I got into the tub with her for bathing in the tub and she loved it. She played with (read:nommed) some foam bath toys, as well as floating with her head supported. I also dribbled water down her face and she wasn’t bothered in the least.

– first drool rash :(. She’s constantly sucking on her lower lip these days, and is developing a rash from the constant wetness that leaves on her lip and chin

– discovered tags! Tags are amazing! Better than all the rest of the toy! I bought her a tag blanket just in time.