I am so thankful for every sweet moment with her. For my sweet, beautiful, healthy little baby girl. I didn’t know that motherhood would be made of this. I thought it would be full of first steps and exciting changes, but it’s not. It’s about the little moments every day that gradually accrete into the deepest bond I’ve ever felt with another human being. It’s about learning each other and enjoying just being together. She gets excited when we head to the bedroom to nurse, and my breasts start dripping too. She smiles like I’m made of sunshine when she sees me, and I know I do the same when I see her. The smells and sounds and feelings of just cuddling with her make me feel complete.

Motherhood isn’t all big dramatic moments. It’s being home base, being safety and comfort and joy to someone just learning about the world. It’s treasuring one small moment at a time. It’s amazing.

Edit: ps. And mom, you’re still home base to me 🙂