– Rolled over by herself, both back to front and front to back! Front to back is more popular, with 5 rolls so far compared to one.

– Slept 5 hours straight. Sleeping through the night is so tantalizingly close!

– First restaurant excursion! She was extremely good. She did manage to pee all over everything she was wearing while on the awkwardly located changing table (it blocked 2/3 stalls in a busy bathroom), necessitating a complete outfit change. That only sucked because she was afraid of the hand dryer so she cried every time someone dried their hands. Also the people waiting for me and my naked crying daughter to get out of the way. Otherwise she didn’t cry or make a scene at all! She was very pleasant for 4 hours in public without eating or sleeping. It was nice to catch up with my uncle, aunt, and cousin.

– Reaching for food? I couldn’t tell if she was reaching for my strawberries because they were red, or because they were food. She is, however:

– Watching mom eat. Avidly.