Perhaps I need to start a new category for all these vivid dreams. Anyway, for the last week or so, Trumpette has been sideways. Even though she’s still relatively small (about 14 inches, according to my last email) it’s been a very uncomfortable week. Oh, and in case you’re curious, 14 inches also happens to be the approximate size of an English hothouse cucumber, according to that selfsame email.

Anyway. Last night I had an extremely vivid dream that she turned the rest of the way head down, with her back facing my belly button, in the perfect birth position. The relief in my dream was so palpable it woke me up and I lay there for a few minutes just thinking, “ahhhh.” So far today, reality seems to back up the dream. Whether she flipped back to head up or went head down, I’m pretty sure that she’s no longer sideways. (I’d say I was too distracted by a sore throat to really be able to notice any other discomforts, except my throat hurt this much yesterday, too. Also, ow, my throat really hurts!)

I haven’t felt any of the tickling movements that I’ve decided are her wiggling her hand, nor have I felt any of the really big kicks that I’m convinced are too strong for elbows, so who knows which way is up or forward. The midwives may be able to feel my stomach and tell me which way she’s facing, but I’ve been too worried of hurting one or both of us to really try very hard.

Back to homework.