I am beginning to wonder if that serenity which exemplifies the happy pregnant woman is, in reality, a simple matter of being too tired to kick up much of a fuss about anything.

Franklin has started thinking I’m angry far more often than I am actually angry. My fuse might be a tiny bit shorter than normal. But I know that lack of sleep and not feeling well are both things that shorten my fuse, and I have both in abundance right now. I think that the joy and excitement equalize the nausea and exhaustion, though. I don’t feel particularly angry. Or anything but tired now that I think of it.

I think he’s misinterpreting because he just isn’t used to low-energy beth. Everything I say sounds sullen in comparison to my normal self. Not sullen, mind, only sullen in comparison to my usual effusiveness.

Speaking of sleepy. Time to go to bed! I am starting to tire of all these miscarriage nightmares though. Do those o away in the second trimester too, or do he just get replaced with some new thing? I can’t wait to find out.