I’m just about to walk out the door to a pickup rehearsal (a last-minute rehearsal during the run of a play to refresh it in everyone’s mind). The last few weeks working as stage manager and running tech for Tortuga has been fantastic. Exhausting, time-consuming, but ultimately exhilarating. It’s kept me from the temptations of working late night after night to help ease my transition away from my current role at work.

I miss my husband, though. My days are packed solid with work, and my nights with the play, and I’ve been squeezing sleep in where I can. Now that the show is up and running, we’ve got more time together, but sometimes I just want to spend every waking moment with him.

Today I signed up for my next class in Operation Graduate. Next week I am meeting with my advisor to figure out a graduation date so I can order (and start paying off) my class ring.

Life is as I like it most: busy with friends, love, and intellectual expansion. And tonight after rehearsal, I plan to come home, have a beer, and curl up under our nice warm covers with my beloved.