I belong to a theatre company. Sometimes I feel like I’m not a very valuable member, since I have no formal education in the subject, am not the best actor out there, and have never written a play in my life. On the one hand, it takes the personal pressure off me. I had to take about two years off while I was working nights, and although I regret that I’ve never felt any judgment from this group. Which is rather a feat, since about once a week I feel like even the doorknob judges how I twist it so carelessly. I just work that way, frustrating as it can be to everyone.

But anyway. every couple of weeks we get together for either a planning meeting or a social meeting. Every time, I come home feeling fulfilled in an artistic way that my work has never given me. I consider myself a writer, and although many of the jobs I’ve had in the past require at least a grasp of the basics of English, none of them have really pushed my writing skills themselves. Tonight was a social meeting at the Draught House Pub and Brewery, and only a few of us made it. We talked about how to push the company forward in terms of the works we produce and how to bring it back in house. Such discussions can quickly get out of hand with too many people, so I’m very glad it was a smaller group. Talking about what motivates a writer, how we can come together as a group to come up with a play, and a concrete plan to begin pushing towards our goals was emotionally and intellectually satisfying. It reminded me of a writing group I used to belong to, and how good it would feel to put something out there for a workshop again one day.

I just wanted to capture the feeling before bed. And remind/inform you that I will be participating in Script Frenzy 2011, so please be prepared for the script to be taking place, warts and all, here. As of right now, it officially begins in 51 hours!

And now to bed, because holy hell it is late.