My leg still sucks.

This week I finished lining up the flooring delivery, movers, and flooring installer so that they all arrived in the correct order and within a small amount of time. I’ll be out of town from December 2nd-6th, and so in that time we will have 2900 pounds of flooring and 13 rolls of underlayment delivered, have movers arrive to move all our furniture into the garage, have an installer come out and install aforementioned flooring, and then have the movers come back to put our furniture back into place. If all goes well, when I leave Wednesday morning we’ll have grody carpet and when I return, we’ll have beautiful wood floors. I’ll be taking J with me, so F will be on his own to wrangle cats and any issues that can’t be handled over the phone. It should be exciting. It will look like a new house! I’m so excited.

J continues to amaze me. She’s so thoughtful and empathetic. Whenever another child is crying, she always looks at me as if to say, “Look, she’s crying. What do I do?” When I show her that the child’s mommy or daddy is right there, helping, J still gets upset. For the last few nights, as I’ve been putting her to bed, she has been talking about crying on the turtle, crying for me, wanting mama on the turtle. Huh? Maybe they have a new turtle on the playground at school? It took me a long time to figure out that she’s talking about the foam turtles they sit on at the edge of the pool at swim lessons, while they wait their turn to swim! Once I figured that out, I was able to talk to her a little bit more about it. A couple weeks ago, Papa T. took J swimming without me. Apparently she had a tough go. It was the first time I hadn’t gone since she started almost 2 years ago! Anyway, once I figured out she was talking about swimming I was able to coax her through explaining that she missed me when she was swimming, and that she wishes I would get in the water with her and help her splash and swim like I used to. Now that she’s in a more advanced swimming class, I don’t get in the water with her. I guess she’s been missing that. I’ll need to find an indoor pool that I can take her to, because as soon as she talked about “spashing with YOU, mama! Kick kick! Big spashes!” I realized that I miss swimming with her, too.

She seems to be getting the hang of sharing, too. At mealtime, when one of us isn’t around, J will always set aside a couple bites of her favorite part to save for us. When I finish eating before she does, she tries to get me more food or offers me some of hers. When she’s eating a snack that she really likes, she’ll always say, “Mama want a bite?” and hold out a piece of it for me.

She’s also really beginning to express her opinions in ways that clearly shows she’s thinking about the world around her and what happens in it. Yesterday, F commented to her that she was growing into quite the young lady. Normally, she doesn’t really respond to this kind of comment. Sometimes she’ll nod, or look at you solemnly, but rarely does she say anything about it. Last night though, she thought for a moment and then said, very carefully and clearly, “I am.”

Also yesterday, F asked her what her name was. She used to respond, “Jojo!” and then moved up to, “Jo jeh peen!” but last night she took it even further and said, “Jo jeh peen TUH pee!” She’s also been saying our names are “Besh” and “Fannin” but when we asked her what our names are, she called us, “Tuhpee mama” and “Tuhpee Daddy.” So adorable!

She’s totally baby crazy. She adores going on walks with her baby and as we walk will talk about how her baby is crying because it misses mama or daddy, or how it’s laughing because it’s happy to be outside. When I picked her up the other day, she was rocking a wooden block with her picture on it and singing, “Wock a bye baby jo jeh peen, in nuh twee top! When nuh winn bows, uh uhh, cadle dopp!” and then she’d hug the block.

The biggest news from this week is that she drew a family portrait that is beginning to look like people! It was in her cubby with all the other art she makes like it was nothing. Last week, she colored inside lines and this week she’s drawing mommy and daddy?? OMG! I’m going to frame it!