The week of the monkey! She’s crazy about monkeys. Last night we put her in her favorite sleeper, which is covered with monkeys. Then we read Hand Hand Fingers Thumb, which is a book all about monkeys. Then she saw a monkey on one of her wooden blocks as we were saying night night to all the rooms in the house. Then she wouldn’t let got of AhEeh (her stuffed monkey) to settle down for sleep. Eventually I was able to convince her that AhEeh was going nightnight on the table next to the rocking chair. Only then were we able to get comfortable enough for her to settle down and go to sleep.

More teething. Oh the teething. She’s biting everything, she’s hard to get to sleep, she’s constantly sticking her fingers in her mouth. I can’t tell what tooth is coming but it’s clearly a tough one!

Frustration and anger have made their debut. She now expresses them by squinching up her face. I’ve got to get a video, it’s so adorable. On the flip side, if she’s frustrated with something and you encourage her that she can do it, the look of pride on her face when she succeeds is pretty wonderful. She’s always been pretty expressive and now she’s using that expressiveness accurately and it’s great!

We’ve stopped doing any potty stuff because we’ve been struggling with diapers, but I think it’s about time to get back to it. The other night she took off her own diaper (!) and ran around excitedly for a while. She also enjoys sitting on her potty. We’ve got a J-sized chair showing up soon, and once it does I think we’ll concentrate on potty vs chair.