I missed another week. Darn it. I was sick. Things have been strange since we got back from vacation.

First, she has finally adjusted to the new room at school. It was a hard time, but this week she finally seems to be happy to get there, unfazed when I leave her there (this morning I got a tiny little, “bah bah ee” and she didn’t even watch me leave), and not always eager to go home when I pick her up. All of this is great! I’m glad she’s finally happy there. I realize a week is probably a really fast adjustment and that I’m just spoiled by what a good kid she is.

She’s reached the point where on weekends I absolutely have to get her out of the house for at least a couple hours, or her energy is overwhelming. So far I’ve had a lot of success with the local pool (now closed), the nearby park playground (she’s a little young for it but does okay), and the nearest splash pad which is absolutely fantastic. I’ll be very sad when it gets too cold for the splash pad. I’m not sure whether a YMCA membership would be worth it yet, nor a Thinkery membership. She seems to be in between a lot of age-based activities. Not old enough for most toddler things, and too old/big for most baby things. Our back yard isn’t really safe for her to play in, but we’re hoping to get it ready for her to play soon.

Although she still doesn’t have many words, she is getting very good at communicating and showing she understands. I asked her yesterday where she dropped her water bottle (because I talk to her a lot, not because I expected a response) and she pointed. I was surprised to see it was exactly where she pointed to, but I suppose I shouldn’t have been. As for speaking, “Uh oh!” is pretty popular. Also adorable, because she says, “uh oo! uh! oo!” She also says, “ma ma ma!” a lot. It actually means, “more” and not, “mama” but that’s okay. I thought I would have trouble with her not saying mama soon enough, but it doesn’t bother me at all. In the same way it doesn’t bother me that she doesn’t seem upset when I leave her at daycare. I am glad that she’s so secure in me, in my presence and my eventual return, that she isn’t concerned that I’m leaving (usually). She squeals so excitedly when she sees me at daycare, I don’t need a “mama” to recognize her joy.

The only unpleasant thing we’ve been struggling with recently is a possible milk sensitivity. They have been giving her cow milk at daycare because she doesn’t seem very interested in breastmilk. Honestly, she mostly seems to just want water. We’ve had unexplained diarrhea, rashes, and vomiting since we got back from vacation and she started the cow milk. Each of them COULD be explained by something else, though. And we can’t get her to consistently drink enough cow milk to definitively say we should cut it out. Argh! We see the doctor this Friday. Hopefully we’ll get some answers. More likely, we’ll just get a note that they should give her soy milk at daycare, and punt the issue to later. Which is okay by me. I’ll talk to the doctor about her calcium intake while I’m there.