We were out of town for the 65 week update, so I didn’t. Not much to report anyway. Lots of continual learning and imitation.

Two big things to report this week. First, J started in the toddler room yesterday! It was a little bit of a rough start, but that is probably also in part because we just got back from vacation. She was very excited to be at school but then seemed a little concerned when I opened the door to the Owls room instead of the Frogs room. I was able to get her settled down to a little breakfast pretty quickly though. When I picked her up in the afternoon she was a bit fussy, but she had taken a 1 hour nap before one of the other babies woke her up. It was pretty clear she would have kept sleeping otherwise.

The other big thing is that she had her 15 month well baby checkup today! She’s hitting all expected milestones. Her verbal communication is lagging slightly, but the doctor said that’s very common with babies who can sign, since they can already communicate many of their wants and needs. She also got her vaccinations, which was pretty miserable there. I hate holding her down for those, but at least her doctor’s nurse is very fast. Even though I accidentally let go of J’s hand (which I was supposed to be holding out of the way), she had all three shots in before J took in her big breath for a full on scream (shot, pause, beginning of initial wail, request to hold her hand, shot, shot, end of initial wail, big breath, SCREAM). Her vitals are looking good too. She has definitely slowed down her explosive growth, but is still following the top of the curves.

head circumference: 48cm/18.9in (95th percentile)
weight: 31lb 2oz (100th percentile/off chart)
height: 32.5in (96th percentile)