– Tooth number 8 is pushing its way out, and it’s a doozy. Lower left first molar, and her gums look terrible. Red and purple and very swollen, with a little ridge of tooth peeking out.

– When you ask her, “Where’s Josephine?” she will get a big grin and point to herself! I also showed her a picture of herself and she pointed to her picture and then to herself. Same with the mirror! She’s definitely getting a concept of “me” which, at least to me, implies that she’s also developing some sense of “not me.” Sometimes when she wants something I have, she will point to it and then to herself, as if to say, “that is for me!”

– She’ll sometimes point out “Mama” and “Daddy” in pictures. But more often, if you ask her to point us out, she’ll point to herself. She is very excited to point to herself :).

– Running away! She loves to run and explore and is definitely testing her boundaries when it comes to independence.

– She has started pointing at things and then clapping when she wants them. She’s pretty good at communicating even though she doesn’t have many words!