First, a quote that I think you’ll all enjoy:

“such blog many akwards such uuuuhhhhh”

— Adam J. Rinn

On to the post!

I’m starting to lose track of what’s a first and what’s not. At this point, given that she’s almost a year old, I’ll probably stop calling these weekly posts “Milestone Monday” and switch to just making a goal of weekly updates about whatever. Because she’s doing some things that I’m not sure when they started, or if they really count as milestones, or whether I’ve talked about them before.

– Second word? I think she’s saying “Keh” when pointing at the kitties. Not totally sure though, because she says a lot of things that are seemingly random.

– first dentist appointment (or was that last week?). She was fantastic and the dentist said that she was a perfect patient! The dentist also confirmed my suspicion that she has a thick/tight frenulum on her upper lip (aka lip tie) but since it’s not interfering with breastfeeding and doesn’t seem to be causing tooth decay or speech problems, suggested we leave it alone until her permanent teeth come in. Fair enough! I think it’s the cause of the weird white spots on her two front teeth, but the dentist also said they don’t seem damaged, just discolored.

– Oh, the tribulations of the pooping. I swear, before having a baby I never really thought about the fact that my happiness would rest in the bowels of a tiny human whose only word is, “Hi,” randomly applied to trees and walls as much as other people. This Saturday evening, I called the nurse line at the pedatrician’s office because J hadn’t pooped in 8 days and I wanted to see if I could give her a laxative or something. She wasn’t sleeping well because she kept straining to go and not being able to. They told me to take her to the ER. It seemed excessive, but I obeyed. She pooped after we’d been there 3 hours, but it took us another 2 to get out and then another hour to get her settled to sleep. We’ve been feeling the effects for sure, mostly in totally messed up sleep schedules and a fussy baby, but we also left with a prescription for Miralax, so I’ve got high hopes that we’ll get back on track soon. At school today she apparently let loose! The student worker who changed it looked slightly traumatized. Meanwhile, I’m exhausted and unhappy, same as she.

– she’s been sick for 4/7 days in the last week, so there’s not a whole lot to report. Her current favorite book is My First Words and her favorite toy that’s not a toy is the wipes dispenser. Kleenex are even better because she can rip those up and eat them, but I a almost never let her have those.