Not much this week. This weekend Dad went out of town and I had a lot of errands to run.

– Waving! She now waves hello and goodbye! Sometimes. But she does it so enthusiastically! She waves her whole arm up and down! Hello! Hello over there!

– Toy interactions. We have this gumball dispenser looking thing, where you put these plastic balls in the top and then you can pull a little lever to make music happen and the balls come out the bottom. I’m not really a fan of toys that make noise, but this one only makes noise when you trigger it, so it’s not so bad. Anyway, J loves putting the balls in the top and then pulling the lever to have them come out again! She’s also figured out that other toys don’t so much work, as she experimented with a number of other toys, but now will only use balls. It’s so fun to watch her obviously forming hypotheses and testing them.