Things still relatively slow. I imagine they’ll pick up again once she’s walking, but it seems like all her energy is going to that.

– First extended, unsupported standing. She went about a minute all by herself!

– 2 full seconds underwater. Little fishy loved it. The swimming instructor plans to keep her at 2 seconds for a while so we don’t push her too far too fast.

– Hates having teeth brushed :(. Before she had teeth she didn’t mind. Now that it’s important, brushing her teeth might as well be torture. It’s almost as bad as diaper changes. MOM I HATE THIS WHY ARE YOU SO CRUEL TO MEEEEEEEEE! Et cetera and so forth. Poor girl. I think she’s not getting enough sleep. I have to wake her every weekday morning and I can’t get her to bed any earlier. Daycare naps need to be more than 20-30 minutes twice a day :(.

– This one is mostly me… For the first time in my (adult, I presume) life, I tasted something to see if it was poop. I had just taken it out of her mouth. A squished raisin covered in cat hair and dirt has never tasted so good.

I think more teeth might show up soon. She’s drooling a lot and chewing on her hands, and her chin rash is back. We will see what happens!