– She’s been out as long as she was in! As a snarky coworker mentioned, that means she’s 9 months old (she isn’t quite yet). But this Saturday was as many days out as in. I thought it was a fun that half of her life has now been outside the womb, and that time when we were literally a single being (in many ways) will be a vanishing percentage of her life. As of now, more of her life was spent outside me than inside me, and that’s a strange milestone for me.

– Babbling includes, “nanana”

– For the first time this morning, when I went to hand her to Dad so I could go to work, she wrapped her arms around me.

– Bruising :(. I’m beginning to understand how bad teething can be. J has a purple bruise on her gums, as well as two little spots like blood blisters. She’s been chewing on everything and biting me for a week or so, and I’m hoping this tooth comes soon. I’m scared the biting won’t stop when it does though.

– Fear of strangers? She’s started crying every time other parents show up at daycare. No idea what that is about. She is usually wary, but I wouldn’t say afraid… Babies, who knows.