– sucking her thumb. Obviously intentionally.

– First swimming lesson! She was unsure at first, not of the water but of all the noise and people. Ina few minutes though, she was splashing and having a great time.

– First bout of serious constipation. She pooped a little Wednesday morning, then nothing until Saturday afternoon. By that point we’d tried apple juice, prune juice, abdominal massage, and even a little Vaseline. Dad was out buying Pedialax at the doctor’s recommendation, and I was changing her diaper when suddenly she started screaming bloody murder. A moment later she had cleared the plug and we were both covered in poop (I was holding her, prepping the next diaper). Fortunately my mother in law was here, and she helped me get J cleaned up and watched her while I hopped in the shower and changed clothes.

– First time meeting Grandpa T.! She took right to him and is well on her way to charming his socks off.

– This one may not seem like a bug deal, but it was to me… For the first time I was able to transfer her from the car seat all the way to the crib without her waking up.