– First snow day! No sledding and hot chocolate though. We stayed inside and played.

– Standing with no hands! She can now pull herself to standing, walk along the edge of what she used to pull up, and let go with one hand and stay standing. She is letting go with both hands too, but so far doesn’t last more than a couple seconds before she loses her balance

– She can now eat the food inside her fist. Before, if part of what she was eating was inside her curled up fingers, she couldn’t get to it. Now she can, and uses this advantage to grab whole handfuls of Cheerios.

– This isn’t really a “first” per se, but we seem to be in some kind of sleep regression or something. A couple times a night she’ll wake up screaming, much like she did when she was only a few weeks old and struggling with what I now think was gas. Is she constipated? Her poop has been changing, and it seems much stiffer than the peanut butter/hummus consistency I’ve been led to expect. Is it night terrors? Apparently this is the age around which they develop the ability to have nightmares. I dunno. It happens whether she’s in her crib, in my arms, or nursing. Sometimes I can console her. Last night she screamed so long and hard that she woke herself completely up and it took hours to get her back to sleep. So I’m not sure what’s going on. Wheee, preverbal babies!