Since she turns 33 weeks tomorrow, this week’s update is the one from Friday, I guess. Not much has changed in the last 3 days. She went back to daycare today and apparently spent most of the day trying to get up the single step in the infant room with no luck. I bet she can do it by the end of the week.

Oh there is one thing. This weekend I heard her cry for the first time because she was undeniably frustrated. Not hungry, tired, scared, hurting, or in need of a cuddle. Just straight up pissed off and frustrated. She was trying to crawl somewhere we wouldn’t let her (I forget where now, or why) and getting more and more insistent and annoyed until eventually she started screaming. I gave her a hug and then we went outside for a minute to distract her (but only fir a minute because it was cold.

Anyway, short update this Monday.