It’s been a relatively calm week. J has been working so hard on crawling that not much else has been happening.

– Mobility increases. She can now get where she wants to go without (mostly) face planting. She pushes up to her hands and knees and rocks back and forth until she can get one knee moved, then she faceplants.

– First bout of baby constipation. Whee! She went from Saturday through Thursday without pooing, then again until Sunday. I gave her some warm water and I don’t know if that’s what did it, but she’s back to twice a day (it seems)

– Since we’re talking about diapers.. Her farts are starting to stink. I think we won’t have long before god puts odor in the poopoo.

– New foods: raspberry (not sure if any made it to her mouth), pear (yum!), persimmon (no thanks), and cinnamon (on her sweet potatoes. She sucked off the cinnamon then dropped the piece of potato and grabbed the next one)

– Sippy cups: I gave her a sippy cup with warm water. She got the hang of it pretty much immediately. To prevent orthodontic problems, I’ve ordered her a Wow cup. The doidy cup is too hard to hold. I’m hoping to find a way to get handles on the wow cup, since the baby wow cup won’t be released until spring 2014. She may use a sippy cup for the Xmas travel.

– New car seat has arrived! I haven’t un boxed it yet but we have an appointment on Thursday with Austin’s car seat safety group to make sure we’re using it right.

– consonants now include a hard g, d, and th. I think those are all new. So it’s those plus t, b, and m. Also still lots of raspberries and German what is that throat noise called anyway.