– New foods include applesauce and banana.

– Mobility! She has discovered how exciting it is to move! She isn’t creeping or crawling yet, but she’s getting pretty darned good at rolling herself where she wants to go! The days of putting her down in one spot and coming back in 5 minutes and her still being there are over. The other day I put her down to go to the bathroom, and she started crying about halfway through… I came back and she’d wedged herself under the entertainment center.

– First cat scratch :(. She apparently grabbed Chen in a way that hurt Chen, and dad didn’t notice in time. Chen scratched her right on the cheek. It’s a small scratch, but still :(. Right now she can’t control her touch but we’re still teaching her to be gentle with all living things.

– First diaper rash. I thought maybe we’d be the only people to magically avoid diaper rashes at all. Zinc oxide creams didn’t seem to do anything for it, but plenty of diaperless time and plenty of CJ’s BUTTer seems to be clearing it up.

– There’s something else big but I can’t remember what.