– she has definitely got the hang of sweet potato! This weekend we introduced honeycrisp apples, nuked until soft. She kept making faces at the apple, I think it was maybe too tart a choice, but she kept going back for it so I don’t think she disliked the tartness of it.

– this isn’t exactly her milestone, but dad and I went on our first date since she was born! We decided not to talk about J at all, and had a wonderful time just chatting and laughing and eating as much meat as we could fit (we went to a Brazilian churrascaria place). It was wonderful to reconnect with each other. J had a rougher time and wouldn’t stay asleep. She has a cold and her cough kept waking her and mom wasn’t there to nurse and comfort her. I am grateful we were able to get out but I do feel bad for my little munchkin.

– fear of strangers. She is definitely beginning to be wary of people she doesn’t know. Not yet afraid, but definitely reserved.