I tried to go back to work today. It didn’t work out very well; by the end of the day I was unable to concentrate on anything but the pain. So I talked to my bawessome, and will be working from home for the rest of the week. Since I have Monday (the 4th) off, It will work out to another full week of being housebound. I hope that one more week’s worth of recuperation will be enough to set me back on track and able to work with peers instead of cats for company. Since my hydrocodone will run out tomorrow, I’ll be very much on my own for pain management. That will be much easier without the stress of going to work. I have no idea how people dealt with this before the internet and VPN’s. I’m guessing short term disability, which so far I’ve been able to avoid.

My thoughts are very unfocused with the hydrocodone. Good thing I’ve given myself a week to put together a rough draft for each assignment and room to look at it a few days later with a fresh eye. I’m going to go ahead and continue to work on my homework tonight but I don’t want to turn anything without going over it free of this haze.

Speaking of homework I have some poetry to read.